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Church Service

Catholic Church Service in Miami

All Service Includes:

Services of funeral directors and staff; embalming, preparation and care of deceased, basic funeral home facilities and equipment; use of funeral home facilities and equipment for viewing; use of facilities and equipment for services; minimum standard metal caskets (not oversized or extra tall).  Except cremations.

Funeral Services

  • Private
  • Traditional
  • Graveside
  • Cremation Service
  • Memorial Service

Coping With Loss

Grief is the process of learning to adjust life after a significant loss.

If you recently have lost someone in your life, this may be the first time that the word grief has become personal; no longer is death something that happens to other people in other places.

Cope with your Loss

“The death of your life mate is not something you just "get over."
“The loss of a Child’s Death.”
“The loss of a Parent for a young child.”
“The loss of a Sibling, Coworker or Friend.”

There are different styles of grieving
Sadness, anger, fear, loneliness, guilt, and a few dozen other emotions are common to bereaved people.


Cemetery/Mausoleum Costs to Consider:
Cost of lot or crypt (if you don’t already own one)
Burial Space, Mausoleum
Perpetual care
Opening and closing the grave or crypt
Grave liner, if required (in the State of Florida)
Marker/monument (including setup)

Veterans-All veterans are entitled to a free burial in a national cemetery and a grave marker. There are no charges for opening or closing the grave, for a vault or liner, or for setting the marker in a national cemetery. The family generally is responsible for other expenses, including transportation to the cemetery.

Cemetery plots can be expensive, especially in metropolitan areas.  All cemeteries in Florida require you to purchase a grave liner.

Separate endowment care fee for maintenance and grounds keeping (check with your cemetery of choice).

Cremated remains in a mausoleum or columbarium, you can expect to purchase a crypt and pay opening and closing fees, as well as charges for endowment care and other services.

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What to Expect At the Funeral Home

If you’ve recently experienced a loss, our staff will guide you in planning a funeral.

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