Rachel Marcelin

February 8, 2016

Rachel Marcelin, 44, died January 30, 2016 in Les Cayes, Haiti.  Rachel was born to Lofrane Marcelin and Marie Clerite in Les Cayes, Haiti on April 1, 1971.

Paula Belizaire

February 7, 2016

Paula Belizaire, 65, of Orlando, Florida, died Sunday, February 7 at Florida Hospital South after a prolonged illness.  She was born March 19,1950 in Hinche, Haiti. Paula Belizaire was a Phlebotomist.She will be missed by her husband, Louis Robert

Jacsaint Derival

February 5, 2016

Mr. Jacsaint Darival, 58, died Friday, February 5, 2016 at St. Lucie Hospice House.  Jacsaint was born in Gros-Morne,  Haïti on July 20, 1956.

Marie Anne Danastor

February 3, 2016

Marie Anne Danastor, 63, died on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Kindred Hospitals.  Marie was a resident of Miramar, Florida.  Marie was born on April 5, 1951 in Gonaives, Haïti, she was a Health Care Specialist.

David Duperval

January 26, 2016

David “Dadou" Duperval was born on May 4, 1957 to Vital Herard and Marie Jeanne Duperval in Gonaives, Haiti.  

Lise Louis Dureczil

January 24, 2016

Louis Dureczil, 93, Hampton George, died at her residence on January 24, 2016 in the comfort of family.  Louis was born in Jacmel, Haiti on January 1, 1923 to Dure Dureczil and Juliese Pierre Louis

Edith Geffrard

January 20, 2016

Edith Geffrard was born on June 1, 1962 to  Mr. Richelus Geffrad and Mrs. Idame Voltaire in Gonaives, Haiti.  Edith was a Laundry Engineer.  She leave to cherish in her memories: Husband: Belise Jean-Baptiste; Children: Kenny,Johnny, berline and

Patrick Saint-Victor

January 20, 2016

Patrick Saint- Victor, 37, of Orlando, Florida, died unexpectedly Wednesday, January 20, 2016  at  Taylor Farms.  He was born September 30,1978 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  Occupations: CUSTODIAL ENGINEERING for Taylor Farms.  

Paulicia Nortilas

January 14, 2016

Paulicia Nortilas, 69, died Thursday, January 14 after a brief illness.  She was born February 3,1946 in St. Marc, Haiti.  Husband: Louis Eric Nortilas; Daughter’s: Marie and Paula; Step daughter’s Katia and Edline; Grandchildren: Adrianna, Jus

Joseph Gesner Pierre

January 13, 2016

Joseph Gesner Pierre, 83, of Orlando, Florida, died Wednesday, January 13 at Health Central after a brief illness. He was born February 27,1932 in Hinche, Haiti. Occupations: Nurse

Herns Vincent

January 13, 2016

Herns Vincent, 66, of Orlando, Florida, died Wednesday, January 13 at  after a prolonged illness.  He was born March 13,1949 in Petionville, Haiti.  Occupations: Security Guard

Luccene Zinzin Jacob

January 12, 2016

Luccene Jacob, 41, died Tuesday, January 12 after a prolonged illness. Luccene was employed for Walt Disney World and Rosen Hotels.  He was born January 3,1975 in Bombardo- polis, Haïti to Yclea Arius and Elipha Fabien.  He is survived by his Moth

Miguel "Guelo" Saint-Hilaire

January 10, 2016

Miguel Saint-Hilaire, 56, of Winter Garden, Florida, died Sunday, January 10 at Orlando Regional Medical Center after a brief illness. He was born November 7,1959 in Limbe, Haiti. Occupations: Professor His wife Roselane Saint Hilaire; His children:

Andre C. Jetin

January 9, 2016

Andre C. Jetin, 84, of Orlando, Florida, died Saturday, January 9, 2016 at  after a prolonged illness.  She was born March 22,1931 in Leogane, Haiti.  Occupations: Farmer

Charles Michael Stinson

January 9, 2016

Charles Michael Stinson, 62, of Orlando, Florida, died unexpectedly Saturday, January 9 at Orlando Regional Medical Center, Charles was born on March 22, 1953 to John Chaney and Flora Nell Ingram in Orlando, Florida.

Claire Joseph Michaud

January 2, 2016

Claire Joseph Michaud, 65, of Orlando, Florida, died unexpectedly Saturday, January 2 at Orlando Health Care System.  She was born April 28,1950 in Pestel, Haiti. Occupations: Entrepreneur

Jeanty Bijou

January 2, 2016

Jeanty Bijou, 53, of ,Orlando , died unexpectedly Saturday, January 2 at Home.  Jeanty was born to Lexon Bijou and Miracia Verdieu in La Gonave, Haiti on January 25, 1962.

Pastor Jean-Robert Lexis

December 10, 2015

Pastor Jean Robert Lexis, 58, of Orlando, Florida, died unexpectedly Thursday, December 10, 2015 at Orlando Regional Medical Center.  He was born Monday, April 22, 1957 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Pasteur Jean Robert Lexis, 58, d'Orlando, en Florid

Ruth Mercier

December 9, 2015

Ruth Mercier, 28, of Orlando, Florida, died Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at Health Central after a prolonged illness. She was born March 10,1987 in Pétionville, Haiti.

Joseph Dencil Parker

December 6, 2015

Joseph D.  Parker, 71, Miramar, Florida, died on Sunday, December, 2015 in the comfort of his home.  Joseph was born on April 11, 1944 to Martel Parker and Lena Hamilton in Kingston,Jamaica. 

Helene Montinard

December 5, 2015

Helene Montinard, 49, died on Saturday, December 5, 2015 in Hialeah, Florida.  Helene was born in Baraderes, Haiti on September 20, 1966 to Nathan Montinard and Vaina Martin.

Suzie Metelus

December 5, 2015

Suzie Metelus, 56, died on Saturday, December 5, 2015.  Suzie was born in Gros Morne, Haiti on October 19, 1959 to Nerien Metelus and Atilia Joseph; she was in the importing and exporting business.

Innocent Joseph

December 5, 2015

Innocent Joseph, 65, of, Orlando, died unexpectedly Saturday, December 5, 2015 at Orlando Health Care.  He was born September 10, 1946 in L'Artibonite, Haiti . Joseph Innocent, 65 ans, d'Orlando, est décédé subitement samedi 5 décembre 2015

Rachel Laguerre

December 2, 2015

Marie Rachel Laguerre, 64, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,  on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.  Rachel was born on February 15, 1951 to Beliard Mignon and Veronique Alexis in Jérémie Haiti. "The Beauty Of A Woman" The beauty of a woman Is not in the clo

Lijeuna Joseph

December 1, 2015

Li jeûna Joseph, 58, of Orlando, Florida, died unexpectedly Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at Florida Hospital South.   She was born November 22,1957 in, Haïti.  Li jeûna was employeed by the Rosen Hotel.

Emmanius Casimir

November 30, 2015

Emmanius Casimir, 24, of Orlando, Florida, died unexpectedly Monday, November 30,2015  on Oakridge Road, Orlando, Florida.  Emmanius was born February 10,1991 in Port-de-Paix, Haïti to Emmanuel Casimir and Clonise St. Charles.

Filusma Filius

November 24, 2015

Filusma Filius, 64, of Orlando, Florida, died Tuesday, November 24,2015   at Colonial Lakes Health Care after a prolonged illness.  He was born April 15,1951 in Gonaïves, Haïti.  Filusma Construction Worker; He is survived by: Wife:  Oramise P

Eddy Nicolas

November 20, 2015

Eddy Nicolas, 46, of Ocoee, Florida, died unexpectedly in an auto accident Friday, November 20, 2015 on Florida Turnpike.  He was born September 30, 1969 in Port-au-Prince, Haïti.  Eddy was a Truck Driver, He is survived by: Wife: Lumene Paul-Nico

Vertunette Moise

November 18, 2015

Vertunette Moise, 104, died on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at home in the love and comfort of her family.  She was born on Sunday, January 22, 1911 to Moricette Moise and Ormencide Pierre in Petit-Trou-de-Nippes, Haiti. Vertunette Moise, 104, es

Mariane Jonathas

November 13, 2015

Mariane Jonathas, 72, of Port-au-Prince, Haïti, died unexpectedly Friday, November 13 at Orlando Health Care System.  She was born June 15, 1943 in Jérémie, Haïti.  She was Seamstress.

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